About Us

Hi, I'm Andrea. Thank you for visiting my online store! 

At Hand started as a need for myself. Scripture comforts me when I sad, calms me when I am anxious and grounds me when I feel like I’m flailing in the wind. But when those feelings hit I wouldn’t know where to find the verses to help me. Picking up a Bible was overwhelming. Devotionals were frustrating when I couldn’t find an entry pertaining to my pressing need. The Internet sent me down a rabbit hole that left me even more lost than when I began.

I went to the Christian book store but couldn’t find what I wanted. I didn’t want a book about dealing with sadness, I just wanted Scripture. And I didn’t want a Bible study on anxiety, I just wanted verses. 

I started collecting verses by topic for myself and made them into cards. Nothing fancy, just flashcards I cut out from paper. But they helped. They were a life line. When I felt anxious I’d whip them out, and as I read them I could feel God’s Word steadying my feet and flooding my soul with peace. 

As I tucked God’s Word into my purse … my nightstand …  my glove compartment … the verses were tucked into my heart. The verses became my hope. I accessed them without even thinking about it. I felt more grounded than ever, more prepared for the curve balls life threw at me. The hope became an anchor for my soul, and I experienced what Paul writes in the Book of Hebrews, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19

So when a friend of mine was facing a difficult time in her life, I spiffed them up a bit and made her a set. Then I gave a set to a woman in my Bible study. Then a set to a neighbor. All the feedback was the same: “Thank you! This is exactly what I need right now!” That’s when I knew people craved Scripture but had trouble finding specific verses. I wanted to help them have God’s Word “at hand” when they needed it most.

With the generous support of my husband (and his knowledge of building a website didn’t hurt either), we began the journey of spreading God’s Word, one Scripture card at a time.